Thursday, December 25, 2008

Grandma Gibbens (Nanu)

Adrienna really wanted us to put this on because she is so proud of her Grandma outfit that she found at a thrift store. We love her and she spends a lot of time over at our house. She has told us and her parents that she wants to move in with us for good, were still debating on that.

Christmas, 2008

Well heres a little history of this years Christmas; Christen and I spent the night with Christen's parents because they were feeling a little lonely with only 2 kids at home (instead of their regular 10 kids that they are remembering) we woke up this morning to a added white Christmas because is was already white when we came over. We got about 2 inches before it started to rain and melt a little of what was already there. We did presents this morning and they asked me to be the 'Santa' that means I had to hand the presents out to everyone. Part of the tradition of the Gibbens family is to make homemade ravioli's and sausage. The men usually do the sausage and the women usually make the ravioli's as the pictures show. We love the niece's and nephew's that we get to know up here and sure miss and want to get to know other's that live too far away.
We were able to bring the dog's with us because they no longer have their doggy door in since Fifi has learned how to dig her way out of the yard and get into mischief. they love the kids also and Sadie is fine with anyone and anything (even snow) as long as there is a tennis ball in the area for her to play with.
Merry Christmas Everyone.